First Settings in PokerTracker 4

HUD is essential to online poker, but there is a broad range of stats, from very important ones to the ones you barely use. Also, the default settings might not the best for everybody. Therefore, we’ll show what to change in your settings first once you finished installing PokerTracker 4, and it began working roperly.




If you haven’t installed PokerTracker 4 yet, you can do so by referring to this article.


First Settings in PokerTracker 4


How to Move the HUD

When HUD is displayed as in the image below, it might not be what you want. In that case, click on the PokerTracker logo to open the menu. Select “Unlock Layout” and move the HUD by drag and drop.



How to Make the HUD Background Transparent

If you take a look at the HUD, it covers the table and chips, making it harder to see. That’s because its background is black.



We’ll introduce the way of making the background of HUD transparent.
Select “Edit Hud Profiles” from the “Hud” menu.





“Hud Profile Editor” would appear so make the background “Clear”.


Save changes by clicking on “Apply” and “OK.”



How to Hide the HUD and Make It Visible At Specific Times

We’ll show you how to hide the HUD, so you only see it when you move the cursor on it. Other player’s HUD will be almost transparent.




Go to “Hud Profile Editor” and change the “Display Type” to “Low Opacity until Mouse Over.”



Save changes by clicking on “Apply” and “OK.”