Reviewing Your Hand Range in PokerTracker 4

PokerTracker 4 has a function called “Hand Range Visualizer,” which allows you to see the pattern of your bets and hand range in graphical form. There are 169 combinations of two cards in Texas Hold’em poker. You can analyze whether you are betting and raising with the right hands.



If you haven’t installed PokerTracker 4 yet, you can do so by referring to this article.


Reviewing Your Hand Range with Hand Range Visualizer


A common recommendation is to raise with the top 5% of possible 169 hands. Hand Range Visualizer in PokerTracker 4 allows you to analyze how the position and hands influence the outcome after raise.



Settings for Hand Range Visualizer

Click on “View Stats” from the main page and then on “Statistics.” Select the “Holdem Hand Range Visualizer” from the “Report” menu.



Then your hand range will be displayed as in the image below.



All positions are marked here, but you can see the hand range by position by removing the ticks. In the example below, we only left the tick in the “Button” category to see those results specifically.



If you click on (1) AA in the image below, the results will be shown on the left side. 9 hands, 168.92BB won.

You can also replay a game that happened on January 18, 2016 from here.


If you double click on the part marked with the red rectangle, you’ll be able see hands details and replay them.



“Heat Map Statistic” only shows VPIP by default, but you can select other components as well.



“Heat Map Statistic” only shows VPIP by default, but you can select other components as well.

It’s obvious that the player raises with AA, but you can also see that he is losing some money by participating in the pot with not-so-good hands. This feature is useful for improving your poker strategies.


You can download 30 day free trial of PokerTracker 4 from the official website.