Colour Coding HUD in PokerTracker 4

HUD displays various stats during the game on the screen, and each value has an average. If there’s a player with too low or high values, you’ll be able to visually see it immediately if you colour code it. In this article, we’ll introduce the way to change the colour or size of important stats on HUD.



If you haven’t installed PokerTracker 4 yet, you can do so by referring to this article.


HUD Settings in PokerTracker 4


Stats Font Settings

Go to “Edit Hud Profiles” from “Hud” in the main menu



“Hud Profile Editor” will appear. Let’s select VPIP as an example.



Click on “Font” on the right, then click on the part marked with a red rectangle.



You can change the size or font style from here. In this example, we increased the size of VPIP to 12 pixels. Click on “OK” when you’re done.



If the stats are too small and hard to see, you can change their size by following the same steps.


Colour Coding HUD Stats by Range


Let’s try to colour code HUD Stats by range to make it easier to see opponents’ tendencies. We’ll also take VPIP as an example. Select “Stat: VPIP” from “Group Item,” and click on “Color Ranges.” Next, click on “Add” to open the “Color Range.” We’ll set the values below 19 to red, 20-30 to pink, and above 31 to yellow. First, enter 0 to “Min,” 19 to “Max,” and pick the red colour.



Repeat the process, and you’ll see something like the image below. Since we’re looking at VPIP, red would mean a tight player and yellow means loose.



Finally, click on “Apply” and “OK” to save changes.
The image below shows what you will see on your HUD after changing these settings.

The player below has a VP value of 13 after playing 30 times, so he’s playing tight.


You can download 30 day free trial of PokerTracker 4 from the official website.