Calculating Your Odds with The Equity Calculator in PokerTracker

PokerTracker has a calculator function, which will calculate equities from current hands. If you’re a beginner or have been playing poker without calculation odds, we highly recommend checking if your call is reasonable using this feature.



If you haven’t installed PokerTracker 4 yet, you can do so by referring to this article.


PokerTracker, with its calculator and “Leak tracker” functions, is worth a try even for those who are already using the Hold’em Manager (Small Stakes Version is $59.99).


Calculator Function in PokerTracker 4


To open the calculator, go to “Tools” and select “Equity Calculator.”



Set the game you are playing and enter the “Board” cards. You can also choose to enter “Dead” cards. Enter your hands. In the example below, our equity is 66.2%.



There is also a function called “Hand Range Selector,” which can be used to predict the range when an opponent 3bets, for instance.

Select “Hand Range Selector” from “Sel.”



You’ll see the screen as in the image below. Select your predicted hands. The player is playing rather aggressively, so the hands are limited.



The hand range can be narrowed down even further if the opponent 3bets or 4 bets.
On the other hand, if the player calls in position, the range might widen. In such situation, move “Include” to the right to increase the number of cards on display.

The calculator function in PokerTracker 4 cannot be used while PokerStars is working. Apparently, PokerStars does not allow calculation equity during the online poker game.


You can download 30 day free trial of PokerTracker 4 from the official website.