Hold’em Manager 2 Reports

The beauty of Hold’em manager’s HUD is that you can analyze your opponents’ hands history while you play and make the best decision. At the same time, you can use it to improve by looking through your hands after the game. In this article, we will introduce how to use the active session and reports functions of Hold’em Manager 2. These are useful both during and after the game.


If you haven’t downloaded Hold’em Manager 2 yet, you can read this article.

Hold’em Manager 2 Reports


First of all, click on “Reports” in your menu. You can choose the type of reports from the list below as seen in the image.


Cash Results Graph

Select “Cash Results Graph” from the Reports page.
Green represents total profits, blue for the showdown, orange if there was no showdown, and yellow for the rakeback.
The graph shows the gain and loss of each category.

In the image below, we can see that there is the most profit after showdown. This might mean that the Cbet is not enough.

You can check this graph anytime, so it’s perfect for changing your tactics while playing.



Select “By Stakes” from the menu. In the image below, the numbers mean that 58 hands for Nl2 and 60 hands for Nl2 were played.
When you click on stakes, you’ll see the window with all the details about the hands you’ve played. Here you can check various data, such as the cards, board, and your net won.



In the bottom left, you can adjust the number of hands that are displayed. In the image, it’s set to show the last 250 hands.
You can also change it to the last 1000 or all hands.
When you double click on any of the hands, you’ll be able to replay, mark or copy that hand for future use.



In the following image, you’ll see how the “Replay” function looks like.
You can easily take notes here. It’s useful for organising information during the game when you don’t have much time. Also, by marking certain hands, you’ll be able to call them back later.


Other Reports Functions

1 You can select the last 250 hands, 1000 hands or all hands.
2 You can delete the replay function screen.
3 You can delete the hand viewer.
4 You can see the distribution diagram of hole cards.
5 You can see your balance.
6 You can see the summary of the tournament.
7 You can extract the hands that you’ve marked.
9 You will get the option menu with the right-click.



You can view detailed information about each session.