Player Analysis in Hold’em Manager 2

Hold’em Manager 2 displays opponent’s stats, which can be used for your analysis. At the same time, you can use it to compare how you play to other players with good statistics. For example, you can see the way you play at pre-flop both numerically and visually. You can utilize these functions to improve your tactic.




If you haven’t downloaded Hold’em Manager 2 yet, you can read this article to learn how to setup the 30 day free trial version.


Hold’em Manager Player Analysis


First, select “Opponents” from the menu. Click on “Cash” if necessary and select “Player Analysis”.



Player Summary

In the image below, VPIP (Voluntarily Put Money in the Pot) is 23.71%. The graph on the right shows data of many players who use Hold’em Manager, as well as your own. You can see that VPIP above 50 decreases rapidly.


Line Analysis


This function shows how you played your hands at flop, turn, and river using specific values and graphs. You’ll be working with the window like in the image below.


Hands Summary

Here’s how to use this function:
From the upper left, you can select the number of hands to display from the last 250, 1000, and all hands.



Detailed Hands Summary

Select one of the hands and click on the cards sign marked with the red box.



Then you’ll see the following window, where you can take notes on your hands, tweet or replay them.


Hole Cards



By clicking on the icon mark by the red box, you’ll see all of your hole cards and whether you won or lost with those hands. Green shows that you won with those hands, red if you lost.




Results Graph

Click on the graph icon.



A graph showing the net profit will be displayed. Green line is the net won, blue for the profit at showdown, red at non showdown.


Flop Strength

This pie chart shows the hand strength at flop. Percentage of “Nothing,” “2 pair,” “Good draw,” etc. will be displayed. You can analyze the hand strength at turn and river in the same way.


Stat Analysis and Notes Tab



In this tab, you can review the player notes and see the graph with other player’s trends.
The image below is the result of analysis of how you played after pre-flop.




You can also check hole cards and hands history, extract marked hands, and replay some of them.


Hands Tab




In this tab, you can extract hole cards from all hands and see the profit or loss for each. You can also replay these hands from here



Marking Your Hands

Marking your hands is useful for when you want to extract them from lots of data. You can mark them as “Bad Beats,” “Bluffs,” “Suck Out” or “For Review.” Right click on any hand and select “Mark” from the menu. Then click on the necessary tag or add your own.



To call back your marked hands, tick the box next to “Marked hands” and select the tag. For example, if you select “Bad Beats,” all hands with this tag will be displayed.