First Settings for Hold’em Manager 2

Hold’em Manager is an ideal tool for playing poker online, but its complexity can make it difficult to use. In this article, we’ll walk you through the important settings, which need to be done right after installation.





Basic Settings for Hold’em Manager 2


Move Your HUD


You can move the position of HUD with the right drag. Place it anywhere you like.



Make Your HUD Background Transparent

The background of HUD is black by default and it hides the table.



You can make it transparent so it doesn’t get in the way.




Here’s how to change the colour of the background. Click on “HUD Settings” from the main page.



You’ll see the HUD Designer.



First click on “General Settings” on the left side and then on “HUD Font.”



Click on the black rectangle next to “Background”.



You will see the following image. Slide the “Opacity” all the way to the right. Then click on “OK.”



Once you change the settings, make sure to click on “Apply” and then “OK.”



The background becomes transparent.



Disable the Pop-Up Feature

When you move the mouse over stats, the detailed numerical values will be shown as a pop-up. This can get annoying when you accidentally put your mouse over it while you play.



You can change the default settings so that the pop-up will be shown only when you click on it. This can be done from the “HUD Settings.”



Select “Advanced Settings” from “General Settings” and click on “Click for stat popup.” You will only get the pop-ups when you click on it.



Save changes by clicking on “Apply” and “OK.”



You will see you stats only as numbers like in the image below. Let’s change the settings so that we can see abbreviations on HUD. Once you memorize them, you can always disable them later.



From “HUD Settings,” we go to “General Settings” and then to “Common Settings.” Tick the box next to “Show abbreviations.”



Click on “Apply” and “OK.” You’ll be able to see H (the no. of hands), VP (VPIP or Voluntarily Put Money in the Pot), PF (Pre Flop Raise), and other abbreviations for stats.

For those who want to see more types of stats on HUD, you can read about adding more stats in this article.


Reset Your License Number

If your hard disk was corrupted, you might have to reinstall Hold’em Manager 2 to the new one. It’s not a problem if you do it only once or twice, but if it is happening several times, you would lose access to it because of licensing issues.
Here’s how to fix the problem.
First, go to the website of Hold’em manager 2 and log in to you account.



From “My Account” in the upper right corner, go to the license page.


Click on “Reset All Profiles” in the bottom right, and the problem should be solved.

You can try Hold’em Manager for free for 30 days by downloading it from the official website.

Official Website: