How to Color Code Your HUD Stats in Hold’em Manager

There are two types of HUD: table HUD and player HUD. In this article, we’ll introduce how to display the most relevant stats in maximizing your profit. We’ll also show how to color code those important stats.




If you haven’t installed Hold’em Manager 2 yet, you can read this article


Table HUD and Player HUD

In the following image, the box above is the table HUD. It shows the average stats of all players. By clicking on the arrow, you’ll be able to check the average for flop, turn, and more. In this case, VP is 20, PF is 10, and the average pot is $2.91.
The box below is the player HUD. It displays your own and your opponents’ stats. You can compare your values to the average of the table.


HUD Settings in Hold’em Manager 2


Adding More Stats to HUD

We’ll take one of the most important stats CBF (Cbet Flop) as an example and show you how to add it to you HUD on Hold’em manager 2.
First, select “HUD Settings” from the menu in Hold’em Manager 2.




You will see the “HUD Settings” window as in the image below.



1 Choose HUD Designer



2 Click on “Continuation Bet”, since we’re adding CBF

3 Select “Flop CBet” right below it
4 Click on the left arrow and it will be added to the player HUD

5 Click on “Apply” and “OK” to save the changes



If you want to change the order in which the stats are displayed, select one, and move it by clicking on the arrow. If you’d like to add more lines to HUD, click on “New Line,” and some of the stats will be displayed on a different line.



Making Your Stats Easier to Read

By default, all stats are divided by the slash, but it might be hard to use them if you don’t know what they mean.
If you select “Show abbreviations” from the “Common Settings” which are found in
“General Settings”, the names of stats would be displayed in the player HUD.



Abbreviations for the number of hands (H), VPIP (VP), and more will be displayed.



Color Coding Your Stats

In the following image, the player above has a VP value of 23, which is orange. The player below has a value of 50, which is green. You can color code your stats by range to make it easier to see what kind of player your opponent is.



Select “HUD Settings” from the menu and click on “Stat Appearance.”



Select the stats you want to change. This time, we’ll assign a color to VPIP. Make sure the right side says “On.” To select a color, pick your favourite pattern from “Select from default colors.” You can assign a specific color as well, but this helps to keep it simple.



Selecting the Range

In the example below, we’ve selected the values 20 and 40. If the value of stats is less than 20, the number will be displayed in green. All values above 40 will be shown in red.


Click on “Apply” and “OK” to save the changes.


Important stats in HUD

Below is the list of important stats and their definition.

VPIP (Voluntarily Put Money in the Pot)
Can be used to predict the probability at which the opponent participates in the pot and whether the player is loose or tight.

PFR (Pre Flop Raise)
Includes open raise, 3bet, 4bet, and shows how aggressively the opponent is playing.

AF (Aggression Factor)
The ratio of aggressive action (raise) and passive action (call). Check and fold are not included.AF 2 means the player rises twice as often as he calls.

CBF (Cbet Flop)
The percentage of hands player bets the Flop after raising preflop. It shows the frequency of opponent’s Flop continuation bet. If some player’s value is too high, there is a possibility that he is bluffing.

3 bet Preflop
This shows the percentage of how often the player 3bets. Generally, less than 4 % means tight, more than 8% means 3bet is frequent. If the player often 3bets after a blind, it may be worth to counterattack.