Holdem Manager 2: Download 30 Day Free Trial

In online poker, many players use the tracking software that allows them to have an advantage over their opponents. Such software, Hold’em Manager being one of them, shows useful stats as HUD (Heads-Up Display) on the screen. In this article, you’ll learn what the HUD is, how to download a 30 day free trial of Hold’em manager 2, and which settings to use.



How to Download 30 Day Free Trial of Hold’em Manager


Hold’em Manager Pro costs 99.99 US dollars while the Small Stakes Versi,on is 59.99 dollars, but you can try the Pro version for free for 30 days. Here’s how to download it:


First, we go to the download page of Hold’em Manager.

Click on “Create New Account” in the upper right corner.



Enter your name, email address, and your country.


Once you’ve created your account, stay signed in. Click on “Download Free Trial.”



Once you see the setup window, click on “Next.”



When you see the image below, make sure both components are selected and click “Next.” PostgreSQL is database software.



Pick a folder for installation and click “Next.”



Click on the “Finish” button. Your installation is done.



Once you launch the software, it’s going to ask you whether you want to start a free trial. Select “Yes.”


If you don’t have an account yet, you can make it here.



Click on “Next,” and you can start using the Hold’em Manager. If there’s a new version available, you’ll see the following window for installation.




Settings for the PokerStars


Click on “Settings” from the PokerStars main page. Then select “Table Appearance” and click on “Preferred Seat.” Pick “Always Auto Center me.”



Hold’em Manager 2 collects stats from the hand history. We have to make sure the software saves hand history automatically.



Click on “Settings” from the PokerStars page.



Select “Playing History,” and then “Hand History.”



Tick the box next to “Save My Hand History.”



Enter 9999 days for the component that says Keep Hand Histories. Make sure you language is in English.


Apply changes.



Tournament summaries can be saved in the same way.



You have to play several times after you’ve changed the settings. Hold’em Manager will start collecting hands automatically once you start the program.


Try playing for some time and check if HUD is working.
If it doesn’t, close both Hold’em Manager and PokerStars. First restart Hold’em Manager and then PokerStars.



What Can You Do With Hold’em Manager

Hold’em Manager displays the stats of your opponents as HUD (Heads-Up Display) on the screen while you play.
It comes in handy when you have to make an important decision during the game.
The image below shows the stats display. You analyze your opponents using these numbers.


“nari” is the name of the player while H is the number of hands. VP and other stats are explained in detail below.


Important Stats

VPIP (Voluntarily Put Money in the Pot)
This is one of the most important stats. Can be used to predict the probability at which the opponent participates in the pot and whether the player is loose or tight. In poker, you try to play only when a good hand comes. If this number is too high, it means the player is participating even with a bad hand, so he will lose in long term.

PFR (Pre Flop Raise)
Includes open raise, 3bet, 4bet, and shows how aggressively the opponent is playing.

AF (Aggression Factor)

The ratio of aggressive action (raise) and passive action (call). Check and fold are not included.AF 2 means the player rises twice as often as he calls.

CBF (Cbet Flop)
The percentage of hands player bets the Flop after raising preflop. It shows the frequency of opponent’s Flop continuation bet.

3 bet Preflop
This shows the percentage of how often the player 3bets.


The image below shows the graph from Hold’em Manager. You can compare your stats with others’ on this distribution map.



The image below is the change in profit or loss. Green represents the total profit and loss, blue for the showdown, and red if there was no showdown.