I verify my hand range with PokerTracker

PokerTracker has a function called Hand Range Visualizer that allows you to visualize the hand range of what kind of hole card you are betting on preflop. There are 169 combinations of 2 cards you have in Texas Hold’em, but let’s verify that you are betting money with the right hand.... Read More

PokerTracker 4 30 Day Free Trial

Online poker Because the popularity is high and the competition is intense, many of the winning people use soft, poker tracker 4 which can see the past play record of the opponent in order to play advantageously. Although this software can be used free of charge for 30 days, it is complicated for people who set for the first time, so we will introduce the method and functions in detail and how to use it in detail.... Read More

PokerTracker 4 features Leak tracker

As a HUD (Heads Up Display), PokerTracker 4 will tell you the trend of online poker opponents. At the same time, I will visually show my play contents, leak (chip loss) etc. One of its functions is a leak tracker. I will introduce it because it is a very useful function to know my weak point.... Read More